CC Paintball by CC Adventures | Bali, Indonesia

Paintball Games

Experience a variety of adrenaline-pumping paintball games as you choose from 6 exciting options across our 3 dynamic fields.

Team Deathmatch

In Team Deathmatch, two rival teams battle it out, ruthlessly eliminating foes until only one player remains standing in this adrenaline-fueled paintball extravaganza.

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Capture The Flag

Capture The Flag takes paintball to the next level as you embark on a thrilling mission to infiltrate the castle, seize the flag, and heroically return it to your basecamp.

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Bomb The Castle

In the intense paintball mode, Bomb the Castle, teams engage in a race against time, strategically carrying their explosive devices to obliterate the castle and claim victory.

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Puputan War

Embark on an epic battle in Puputan War as Team A fights to protect the king and guide him to safety, while Team B relentlessly strives to foil their heroic mission.

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Save Baby Komang

Join the heart-pounding rescue mission in Save Baby Komang as Team A races against the clock to rescue the infant from the castle and reunite them with their mother, while Team B fiercely defends their stronghold.

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Escort The Vip

Embark on a high-stakes mission in Escort The VIP as Team A takes on the crucial task of safeguarding the VIP, escorting them to a secure zone, while Team B launches relentless assaults to thwart their efforts.

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Gear up your team with a selection of 6 unique costumes, adding style and personality to your thrilling paintball park experience.


Prepare for battle with the Tippmann Stormer! Dominate the field with precision shooting and tactical superiority.


Discover our 5000 sqm paintball park, featuring three dynamic fields that challenge your skills and fuel your competitive spirit.


Customize your fun-filled day with our paintball packages! From the Paintball Starter Pack to Shooting Target Practice, choose your preferred number of paintballs and enjoy FREE extras with your purchase. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!


Lock in your paintball adventure! Just fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch to confirm your schedule. Get ready to unleash your inner warrior on the battlefield. See you there!

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